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Calling for New Board Directors


The Deer Creek Water District (DCWD) is managed by a volunteer board of directors and has undergone a transition from being a hands-on board, to a board that has fiduciary and managerial responsibility for ensuring the highest quality of water delivered to you, our customers. We have engaged Community Resource Services (CRS) of Colorado to oversee the fiscal and operational aspects for the district under our care.

The board is governed by Title 32 which applies to special districts for the state of Colorado. One of the rules for the special district is that our board members can only serve the district for no more than 2 terms. Because of those term limits, we need to supplement the current board with new members to replace those members impacted.

To that end, we need your help and commitment to serve as a director for the district. We have one board seat that is currently open and can be appointed.

Your role in the district will be to guide and manage the resources available for current and future operational aspects of the district. You may have skills in managing resources, finances or a strong understanding of electrical/mechanical functions, but the main skill that we need from you is the desire to help the district and community.

As you may already be aware, the district has improved our plant and storage facility significantly over the past four years. Those improvements continue today through modernization of the wells and the meters used to deliver and gauge the water used by each of you. Please help us continue that journey.

You can find out more by directly contacting the President of the Board, Kevin Kirkwood,, or the district manager from CRS, Marcos Pacheco (contacts can be found on You can also find out more through attending one of the regularly scheduled board meetings.

Thank you for the consideration…

Deer Creek Water Board of Directors

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