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Water Taste And Testing

May contain: plastic and jar


To ensure that our water meets or surpasses federal drinking water standards, the Water District collects and analyses water samples as required by the State of Colorado.
You can find the results of this testing by year under the Water Quality Reports section on this website.
More detail on these tests can be provided upon request.

Water Taste

May contain: citrus fruit, food, fruit, plant, produce, glass, and lemon

Deer Creek Water District's water supply meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. Adding chlorine during the water-treatment process helps protect the water supply. However, chlorine's taste may not appeal to you.
Use these tips to help improve the flavor of your tap water.
Put a pitcher of tap water in the refrigerator. This allows the chlorine to dissipate. After just a few hours, you'll notice an improvement in flavor.
Add a lemon or orange slice. You'll add zest and overcome the chlorine taste simply by overpowering it.
Filter your water. There are hundreds of filter options at varying costs, but an inexpensive activated carbon filter, like those found in carafe systems, can improve taste and odor perceptions associated with chlorine. These filters do not remove hardness, minerals, sodium or fluoride.

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