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DCWD is a Special Water District

Special water districts like the Deer Creek Water District are public agencies formed by local residents to provide a service you use every day. Locally controlled and highly efficient, special water districts are very responsive to the people they serve. 
A Special District is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision that provides 1) improvements and/or 2) operates public facilities for residents within the District. There are currently over 1000 Special Districts in Colorado. 
Special water districts have a legislative body, a Board of Directors, whose members are either elected by the people they serve or appointed to fixed terms. At DCWD, Directors are elected to a four-year term or appointed to a two-year term to fill a vacancy. 
Special districts hold regularly scheduled public meetings where citizens are encouraged to voice their concerns, ask questions and provide feedback on the services they've received. These meetings enable a district's leadership to stay abreast of community needs, evaluate public perception of district performance and ensure that current and future needs are met. 

For Billing questions, please contact 303.381.4960 and ask for the Billing Department
For all other District matters, please contact Sue Blair or Marcos Pacheco, District Managers, at 303.381.4960 or via email at or

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